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ISU Rules

ISU Rules

ISU Award Sharing Sub-Contract

ISU Salvage Safety Standards

ISU Articles

Annual Reviews

ISU Annual Review 2021
ISU Annual Review 2020
ISU Annual Review 2018


ISU 1 Salvage Guarantee Form

ISU 2 Salvage Guarantee Form

ISU 4 Salvage Guarantee Form

Lloyd’s Standard Form of Guarantees

Insured LOF Guarantee

Uninsured LOF Guarantee

Code of Practice P&I Clubs and London Underwriters 2005


SALVCON 2005 – Sub-Contract Lumpsum Agreement Document

SALVCON 2005 – Sub-Contract Lumpsum Agreement Notes

SALVHIRE 2005 – Daily Hire Agreement Document

SALVHIRE 2005 – Daily Hire Notes

Lloyd’s Documents

LOF 2020

LSAC 2020

LOF 2011 Contractor’s Guarantee

Lloyd’s Procedural Rules

Lloyd’s Contact Details

Letter of Indemnity re Bank Serve Guarantee

Fixed Cost Arbitration Procedure on documents alone

Fixed Cost Arbitration Procedure Schedule of Fixed Costs 2020

List of Members of International Group of P&I Clubs with contact details


The SCOPIC Clause 2020


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Code of Practice between the ISU and the International Group of P&I Clubs

ISU 5 Guarantee Form


IMO Guidelines on Place of Refuge

IMO Guidelines on the Control of Ships in an Emergency

Wreck Removal Contracts

Sample Copy WRECKFIXED 2010

WRECKFIXED 2010 Explanatory Notes

Sample Copy WRECKSTAGE 2010

WRECKSTAGE 2010 Explanatory Notes

Sample Copy WRECKHIRE 2010

WRECKHIRE 2010 Explanatory Notes

ISU and IG Code of Practice Formal Tendering Procedures for Wreck Removal/Cargo Recovery


TOWCON 2008 sample copy

TOWCON 2008 list of changes


TOWHIRE 2008 list of changes


SCOPIC Consilidated Guidance Note 2018

SCR Application Form

SCR Representatives List 2020