40536_2ISU and the Nautical Institute have published their important Casualty Management Guidelines book aimed at providing comprehensive practical guidelines to help seafarers during a casualty.

The book explains what to expect from people or organisations that might be involved as the casualty situation unfolds. Chapters are presented in a largely chronological order and will give all involved in a casualty an idea of the job others may be doing. The chapters have been authored by experts in their fields and who have casualty experience to share.

Technical Editor John Noble, FNI, who, until recently, was an advisor to the ISU acting as its General Manager said: “As many as 50 people may be involved in immediate casualty response activities and the purpose of these guidelines is to give all parties an idea of where priorities lie with others attending, especially where there are political pressures when a casualty threatens the environment.”

“It is intended that this book will serve as a guide to all who may become involved in the post-incident activities.”
Andreas Tsavliris, President of the ISU said: “These Casualty Management Guidelines, covering all aspects of the subject and written by those at the ‘sharp end’ with real experience, represent an excellent resource and I commend them to the shipping industry.”

Casualty Management Guidelines is available from The Nautical Institute price: £20
ISBN: 978 1 906915 39 1